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Let Angus Set Up Your Location’s Game Room

Conveniently located in Harrisburg, PA, Angus Enterprises serves the surrounding areas of Gettysburg, Lancaster, Hershey, York. We can also set your Game Room in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. We can provide ATMs and a variety of different machines for your game room. Here are a few of the exciting games that we offer:

Driving & Action Games


These machines are often games played with a partner. Whether you are teaming up to take down bad guys or racing each other through bumpy terrains, these games are designed to offer a thrilling experience that’s hard to step away from.

Claw Machines


Claw machines offer you a shot at a prize if the claw holds onto your desired object. These games of skill are notorious for entertaining customers of all ages as they strive to win a variety of prizes! Prize options are virtually unlimited and can be catered for to the theme of your location.

Redemption Games


Redemption arcades provide the ultimate for the game room experience! Win tickets that can be redeemed for prizes, and keep your players entertained for hours! People will keep coming back to these games, again and again, trying to win big or reach a new high score of their own.

Photo Booths


Photo booths are a fun way to commemorate a night out, as well as provide some goofy frames and faces to look back on and laugh at. Each photo booth comes stuffed with film for endless amounts of photos, all at an affordable price.

Air Hockey Tables


For those that want to have a good time with a competitive game, air hockey is a classic choice. These tables provide a smoothness that allows the puck to fly across the table without getting stuck and delaying the game.


Angus Enterprises can also provide the following for your game room:

And Much More!

*Skills Games are only available in PA and VA.