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If you’re located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia, we can be your ATM provider, whether you’re looking for ATMs for sale or rental. Here are the manufacturers and models we offer:

For over 30 years, the team at Triton has set the standard for cash-dispensing solutions. The Triton Argo is one of the first ATMs to offer eco-friendly, printerless options for users. Not only do these carbon-friendly options reduce the amount of paper used, but they also result in cost savings over time. We carry the deep-cabinet Argo 7.0 model.

  • 7” Wide/Touch Color Screen
  • Windows CE 6.0 Software
  • PCI and ADA Compliant Keypad
  • 60 mm Printer
  • EMV Dip Card Reader
  • TCP/IP with an SSL-Only, No-Dial Modem
  • E-lock
  • Business Hours Safe
  • Integrated Topper
  • Height: 57.2” Width: 18.3” Depth: 25.8” Weight: 193 to 231 lbs.
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At Angus Enterprises, we offer ATM sales, service, and placement options. They include:

Merchant owns and operates (stocks) ATM and keeps 100% of the surcharge.

Angus Enterprises owns ATM, merchant operates ATM and receives a % of the surcharge.

Angus Enterprises owns and operates ATM and receives a % of the surcharge.
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All options include EMV-compliant ATMs, free installation, setup and ATM processing. We also provide free receipt paper, real-time online stats and detailed monthly statements.

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Since 2005, we have outfitted all types of businesses with ATM machines, whether they’re looking for sale or rental. If you’re looking for an ATM provider in the PA, MD, VA or WV areas, your search can end here.

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We don't stop at being an ATM provider. We also offer:

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