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Galaxy 3 Live

At Angus Enterprises, we carry Arachnid’s newest and most advanced dart board to date -- the Galaxy 3 Live. With exciting new features like worldwide online play, a system to track player rankings and statistics, and an attractive full-color LED screen, both casual and competitive players alike will enjoy everything the Galaxy 3 Live has to offer.

Galaxy 3 Live features include:

  • Arachnid’s fully-integrated league system, including compatibility with all of their league support products.
  • Casual and league online gameplay. Players can play anyone in the world, from anywhere.
  • Worldwide player rankings and statistics.
  • Full selection of 01 and Cricket games.
  • Full-color LED illumination, synchronized with attract mode and feats.
  • New graphics, feat animations, and sounds.
  • Reversible darthead with both 13” and 15” targets.

We’d like to be your dart board provider at Angus Enterprises. Since 2005, various establishment have turned to us for quality dart boards and other types of equipment. Whether you’re located in PA, MD, VA or WV, we’ll take care of you.

Please feel free to give us a call if you’d like to learn more about the Galaxy 3 Live electronic dart board or any other type of dart board.

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Whether you’re located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia, you can rely on us to be your dart board provider.

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